Friday, September 24, 2010

Less is more.

Today my father mentioned something that struck a thought in my mind. He said that if you are forgetful, then don't try to multi-task too much. That got me thinking. Why do people multi-task? Is it really a skill? Or because there is not enough time? Or that we feel we can do more this way? Well yes, I listen to music while I study. But that is hardly multi-tasking. The kind of multi-tasking I mean here is where we are doing a few things that all need almost full attention while doing them. This way, your attention is divided among them. Good or bad?

We should always focus on the task at hand, people say. But really, is that what we are doing? We try to do so many things that we lose focus and concentration. And at the end, the results are not as we hoped for. Well, what do you expect? If we do not focus then how do we expect to get amazing results? This is where, time management comes in. If we can divide our time efficiently, then I believe that we can do more in less time. When you concentrate, you just might finish faster, with better results. Doesn't matter what it is that you are doing. What matters is how you do it.

So, have you been feeling unsatisfied with anything that you have done? Why not give it your full attention and dedication for say...10 minutes? I know, as humans we are easily distracted. But that's because we lose ourselves to our thoughts too much. We think about so many things at the same time while doing other things.

I am not saying that it is wrong to multi-task. In fact, I do think that it is a skill. But the skill must still be used at the appropriate time and situation. Well, paying attention in class is half the battle won.

Less is more, in this case. =]

Friday, September 10, 2010

A little cleaning up!

Hey guys and girls!

Now, you may be wondering where did all my other posts went to. Well, here's a breakdown of what happened. I see my own writings mature through my two years of blogging. From everything about me, myself and I to some things that can be related to more people. I see how my writings changed from very personal to a wider target audience. Guess it is because of the course I am taking! Diploma in Mass Communication. You may have been wondering why I never blog about food or places to travel and such. It is not because I cannot afford to or that I dislike food and travelling. I'm the kind of person that prefers to blog about things that are closer to my heart. But here, I guess I'd like to write about things that may help others to see. See some things that may be from a different perspective. So yes, that calls for a facelift! I will probably be changing the look of the blog soon.

Anyway, the point of me telling you this is that I have made another blog and shifted all my more personal writings to that blog. This blog will be for writings like what else remains. So the new blog is here. It is still in progress of an uplift and such. =]

Reason being, I may want to use this as a portfolio in the future. So please do leave comments about the posts! I welcome critical ones too, and if you feel my writing lacks in some way, maybe you could point it out so that I can improve. I still have a lot to learn after all!

Reading back all those old posts, I learned something as well. I learned how a person's mindset can change within a frame of time. How much one can mature and grow in mind and spirit. We change. Like in what I wrote in "The 3 Rs" (a few posts back), one realises, re-adapts, and reconciles with themselves. New experiences and new environments are the opportunities for us to learn and grow. We may be afraid to face the unknown, but what is life if we don't challenge ourselves and battle through? After all, life is not a bed of roses.