Friday, July 16, 2010


The problem with ambiguous posts, whether in blogs or Facebook or Twitter or Plurk, is that you don't know who it is meant for. But the beauty is that it can mean anyone in general. I have no idea why some people become so sensitive about every little thing other people write about. It may be coincidentally related but it might not just be you. Plus, you are not even able to make sure it is about you until you ask!

So why be so angry and about something and insult that person with profanities before confirming that it is about you? Oh, better yet, why not tell the person directly instead of doing it ambiguously as well? If you are thinking that I am a coward for not directing it at you, then look at your own doing. Not brave enough to face me and ask me what I mean by it? So who's the coward now? Oh well, I think the real coward is you. Want to know why? Because you are so afraid that what people say is about you, you jump like a monkey stepped on its tail and run off screeching to climb up high in a tree where you hide and cower amongst the leaves.

I just do not get the way people think. You can complain about not having anyone trustworthy enough as a friend. Then hurt others who actually meant nothing by anything. Then complain about being lonely. I just do not get anyone who thinks that way.

And...if you think in this post I mean YOU (yes, you, the person reading this right now), then by all means go ahead and think whatever you want. I won't mind. Just don't be absurd about it. Don't overreact.

Have a great day. :D

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