Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is that right?

People often walk along a very mundane and ordinary road in their lives. Pondering over their existence and wonder what their future holds for them. Some just go along with what life brings. Some just go with their daily routines. Some pray to God for guidance. Some look around for extraordinary things and might just find that special something. Those that make an effort to search will eventually find it. Or in some very rare cases, anyone might just stumble upon such miracles.

You might have asked yourself before, why are this people so successful or famous or well-known or have a good life? Well, that is because they must have worked for it. Real hard. We can not just do a little something and hope for everything in return. That would not work now would it?

I have seen people who give a little and want back too much. It is like asking for something others cannot give. It is not impossible at all. But no one should lie in return just so that no one gets hurt or feel sad. One should also not take for granted that the result would turn out well favouring him or her. Expectant, I would say, is not a good trait in certain circumstances. Expect and be disappointed? Not necessarily. But expect too much and that might just cost you a downfall.

I cannot lie. I cannot give you what I cannot return.