Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do not forget.

Life is precious. Life is a gift. Life is what your Mother gave you.

She carried you for nine months. Enduring the weight. The pain. To bring you into this world, she cried her heart out. Fighting. To give you life. Despite all that suffering, the moment she heard your cry, she could not help it. Smile. A smile so huge spread across her face. As tears, not of pain, but of joy rolled down her cheeks. It was a joy like when the first day of spring crept from behind the trees. The sun shining brightly. Brightly coloured flowers of such a sweet honey scent.

As you were a baby, you could not do many things. You needed caring. You Mother gave that to you. She gave you a home. A family. A life. Most of all, she gave you Love.

As you grew up, you needed guidance. She taught you many things. You also needed a little more freedom. She gave you more time to yourself. You needed food. She put them on the table for you. You needed a ride. She took you where you wanted to go. You needed love. She loved you.

Now, you are all grown up. Even though she has loved you so much, you do not see it any more. You call her a nuisance. A burden. Is it hard? To love her back? For all she has done for you. Even now, you refuse to. Throwing her amongst yourselves like a beach ball. Why? Is it because you wish that she does not leave this place in your home?

So what if she does? You'll mourn. Come crying. Apologising. Begging for forgiveness for your neglect. Your mistakes. Your sins. Because you hated her, when it mattered most. But it is too late by then. Just too late.

When you were young, she cared for you. When she is old, you need to care for her. It is the way of life. She is not a burden, she is your Mother. She is your life-giver.

Remember that.


joon517 said...

sabine!!! like ur post~!

Sabine Ong said...

lol reply late but thanks! x]

Greg said...

it all really is subjective, what if you have a horrible mother? How do you deal with that, yeah sure she carried you for 9 months, but then gave you years of hell... what then? Life is not always so rosy or so good.

Greg said...

That is one side of the coin, but what if you have a really bad mother? Sure she carried you for 9 months but then gave you years and years of hell?

Sabine Ong said...

Thanks for actually taking time to read this small time personal blog of mine.

Yes, I agree with you that it is very subjective and I will not tell you how to deal with that. I would not because I myself am not and have never been in that kind of situation. If that is the case, then definitely it doesn't apply. Of course I do know that life isn't a bed of roses, it definitely has it's highs and lows.

But this post is meant for a particular group of people I know personally and have greatly disappointed me. Thus, it, as most of my posts, may not apply to everyone and everything.

PS: I filter my comments because there have been spambots lately. D: