Friday, March 26, 2010


Coldness in the air
With only skin too bare
As a veil of wryness
Sets a stage for the righteous

If one could set it right
The world would turn bright
On a journey one must embark
Before it returns to the dark

Fall gently like snow
As this faint light glow
Over a mind longing for peace
That wishes for this to cease

Troubles in an endless field
If only this fool would yield
For even if one survives birth
Eventually we return to earth

~Sabine Ong~


ilovenineinchnails said...

I really like the look of your blog!

Sabine Ong said...

Thanks! =]

Tracy D. Holmes said...

I love this poem, I means so much, but I wonder what it means to you?

Sabine Ong said...

Glad you love it!

To me? It's a reminder of how life is. How one consequence can lead to another or how one path leads to many others. But it is we who choose which path we take. Though, we must remember that we will eventually pass on one day. =]