Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Learn

Learning is never easy. No matter what you learn. It may be just learning to read. It was not easy when you first start of course. Writing. Photography. Drawing. Playing musical instruments. Whatever it is, it is not always easy when you start to learn.

So, ever wondered why some people are able to master whatever they were learning?

Well, of course I have wondered. It was never a clear answer. It could be many things.

Opportunity? Sufficient funds? Pure talent?

But what is an opportunity if you do not take it? What is sufficient funds if you do not use it wisely? What is talent if you do not nurture it?

What are all those if you do them without positivism?

I have learned the hard way that if you dissuade yourself, you would never learn as much as you can. You would make yourself think that you are not as good as everyone else. You are lousy. You are useless. You are just not talented.

The conclusion is easy, you are thinking negatively so much that you tell yourself all those. What can you learn if you are that way? Nothing much.

So what if you go ahead with positive thinking? You wouldn’t give up so easily, right? You’d just try harder and harder.

Its like climbing a mountain. Tell yourself you cannot, you’d get tired faster and give up halfway. if you tell yourself you can, it would be much easier. Make it a goal to reach the highest point. That may be what will drive you to achieve it. The highest target.

The key is to try and try again.

Keep trying hard eh?

Gambateh! Whatever you are learning. =]