Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 centimetres per second.

"The speed at which cherry blossom petals fall
Petals being a metaphorical representation of humans
Reminiscent of the slowness of life and...
How people often start together...
But slowly drift into their separate ways."

A friend passed me this short anime film and now I am hooked to the song. Been trying to learn the song on guitar. Got part of it so far. I hope I can finish the song soon. XD

Well basically the movie is a bout a boy and a girl who liked each other during their school years. But as life goes on, they become further apart. Both in physical distance and relation. The girl eventually moves on. But the guy does not. Sad really.....

We cannot deny that people do grow apart sooner or later. The best one you can see is you and your parents. One day, you are going to go out and live on your own. Eventually becoming independent. And as we do so, we leave behind not just our family but friends as well. We go separate ways and meet new people. Well, of course we do stay in touch. But we don't see them as often as we would like. Or even talk/chat online/sms/call.

If only we had done some of the things we wanted to.
Said half the things we wanted to tell.
And forgive what we could not back then.

In the end, we ask ourselves...

What if we had one more chance?